Ultimate Thanksgiving Green Beans for Beerknurds

Here’s a Beerknurd-friendly recipe that’ll make a green bean fan out of anyone—especially a beer lover. The secret ingredient? Your favorite stout—dry, Baltic porter, imperial (for an extra boozy kick)—that creates a caramelized, coffee-like flavor that perfectly complements the veggies. Plus, you can’t go wrong when you add bacon, potatoes and garlic to the mix. This dish…

Ballast Point Constellation Beerknews

Record $1 Billion Buyout for Ballast Point

  More evidence today that the craft beer industry is making a major impact on the overall market. The largest craft beer buyout ever went down today as Constellation Brands acquired San Diego-based Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits. The deal, worth an approximate $1 billion, is the latest—and by far the biggest—agreement to feature a…

Spill it beerknews

Calling all Beerknurds

Want some fame with that beer? Then, submit your story here. Now. We want to hear your best bullshit, be it your review of your favorite brewery, something you’ve learned during your beer travels or just something you’d like to tell your buddies while working your way towards your plate at your local Saucer. We’ll pick…

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Adam Avery comes to town for NTX Beer Week

Adam Avery made his way to town recently for NTX Beer Week. He’s been spotted all over Dallas, so we felt we should bring him to Fort Worth for an appearance. The last time he was in our building was five years ago, when it was the original Flying Saucer. As some of you may…

Sugar Land Flying Saucer Wynn Johnson J.R. Robinson Ed Hinson Mike Norris Beerknews

Celebrating 41 plates in Sugar Land

How many beers do you think you’ve downed with your buddies? 1,000? 5,000? What about 8,000? Pictured is one group of fantastic, overachieving Beerknurds. Between the four of them, they hold 41 plates. 41! That’s over 8,000 beers—over 8,200 beers to be a bit more specific. You could say that Wynn Johnson (10 plates), J.R. Robinson…

Cascade Brewing Sang Noir 2014 Project Beerknews

Get ready for Cascade Brewing

Cascade Brewing is finally making its way to Texas. The first of its beers to arrive are: Blackcap Raspberry 2015 Project: A blend of wheat and blonde ales aged for up to 14 months with blackcap raspberries in oak wine barrels. ABV: 7.6% Strawberry 2014 Project: A blend of wheat and blonde ales aged for up to 12…

New Belgium Tour de Fat Beerknews

Get on the road with New Belgium’s Tour de Fat

New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, hosts many events throughout the year, but one of the biggest and (arguably) best is its annual Tour de Fat bicycle festival. Now in its 16th year, Tour de Fat remains a “traveling celebration of all things bicycle, honoring humankind’s greatest invention.” Put no means of transport before thy bike, reads rule No. 1…

Untapped Festival Beerknews Roho Photo

Your guide to late fall beer festivals

Even though winter is on its way, it doesn’t mean the beer festivals have to stop. It just means you might need to bring a jacket! Don’t let the cold weather slow you down. Here’s our list of seven late fall beer festivals worth checking out. November 7: Great Beer Expo Long Island One of…

Karbach Brewing Tasting Room

Road Trip to Karbach Brewing

So many breweries, so little time. It used to be my job to visit as many breweries as possible—from the West Coast to the East, and many across the pond. Now, it’s hard to find the time, but it’s no less fun. I enjoy it when Beerknurds share stories about their beer travels with me….

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