Merger AB Inbev SAB Miller

Merger Update: Europe Approves AB InBev & SAB Miller Deal

We’ve all been watching this story unfold for months, and this week we got big news: the merger between AB InBev and SAB Miller, the two largest beer companies in the world, was approved by the European Union. This is by far the largest acquisition to ever take place in the beer marketplace. After the…

favorite hop

Brewer survey: What’s your favorite hop?

Let’s face it: asking a brewer to pick a favorite hop is like asking Kim Kardashian to pick a favorite selfie. It’s an impossible choice. Just ask Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione. As the face of continually hopped beers, he jokes that relying on one hop forever and always would be uncomfortable: “Kind of like trying…

Biggest Small Beer Ever Made

Drink Now: The Biggest Small Beer Ever Made

For most business owners, cozying up to your competition seems counterintuitive—but not for craft brewers. In honor of American Craft Beer Week (May 16-22), craft brewers from all 50 states are joining together in what may one day be referred to as the happiest and hoppiest union of all time. Their goal? To make the…

Saison Avery Perzik

Spotlight on Saison

As anyone who’s drained more than one tulip glass of the concoction can tell you, no two saisons are alike. Some open with a peppery bite, some broaden into an herbal finish, some smack of a cider-like sourness, while others are just downright funky. How, then, can we even begin to talk about saison as…

Game of Thrones Ommegang

Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones Is Even Better With Beer

Over the course of the past five years, HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” has spawned a cottage industry of blog posts, podcasts, and even a separate half-hour of television (“After the Thrones”) dedicated to recapping, explaining and prognosticating events in Westeros. Viewers following the epic trajectories of the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens and Baratheons have been witness…


Top of the hops

The explosive popularity of IPAs over the past few years has led, naturally, to an increase in conversations about how “hoppy” a beer is or isn’t. But that doesn’t tell us much. “Hoppy” could mean bitter, fruity, floral, dank, earthy, piney, grassy — or simply that a beer isn’t malt-forward. So we’re gonna break it…

Micahel Jackson beer Captain Keith

What I Learned from Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter

As we began this craft beer journey, our best resource was Michael Jackson’s New World Guide to Beer and Beer Companion. The Beer Companion was the book I referenced the most. It was the beer Bible as far as I was concerned. It gave me a good foundation from which to grow my beer knowledge. In the mid-’90s, we didn’t…

Belgium's best beer spots

Belgium in brews: Belgium’s best beer spots

Belgium is a country full of wonderfully nice people with laid-back attitudes — except when it comes to beer. Belgians love their beer. Each and every town has its own brewery, and the country is rife with restaurants and cafés bursting with Belgian beer. Beers we might see as limited and special in the U.S….

Netflix Daredevil beers that kick ass

Beers that kick ass like Daredevil

You’ve probably heard of the 2003 movie Daredevil, which featured Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock and the eponymous hero. But have you been keeping up with the Daredevil original Netflix series? The show is now in year two — the entire second season is available on Netflix — so there’s no better time to grab some beers…

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