Breckenridge Hootenanny Flying Saucer Beerknews

Hootenanny at Breckenridge Brewery

This post is a special contribution from Josh Hamilton, Raleigh Flying Saucer’s General Manager. We’re jealous of his journey to Breckenridge Brewery’s Hootenanny and need you to help us give him a hard time so we can get over it. (Nice work, Josh!) I was recently invited to be the guest of Todd Usry for…

Cantillon Brewery coolship Flying Saucer Beerknews

Belgium In Brews: Cantillon Brewery

Down an unassuming street on the edge of Brussels sits a brewery that’s stuck in time. While most breweries today are using modern technology to make more beer at a faster pace, Cantillon Brewery maintains brewing practices from more than a hundred years ago. The word “lambic” is sometimes lost on the average American beer…

Belgian beer Westvleteren St. Bernardus Breweries Flying Saucer Beerknews

The History of Westvleteren and St. Bernardus Breweries

Most beer aficionados know of Westvleteren XII, the Holy Grail of beers, brewed by the monks of the Saint-Sixtus Abbey in the southern countryside of Vleteren, Belgium. But few know the muddled history of this storied beer and its connection to St. Bernardus.     Since 1838, the monks at Saint-Sixtus Abbey have been brewing…

Beerknurds Hawaii Flying Saucer

Beerknurd in Hawaii

The Beerknurd army is strong — even away from the mainland. Below you will see Beerknurd Brandon Vasquez posing with our favorite Hawaiian and all around craft beer good guy, Garrett Marrero from Maui Brewing Co.   Mahalo to you both from Flying Saucer for sharing your photo and supporting craft beer. Remember, if you…

underappreciated beer

Underappreciated beer styles deserving of your love

To drink beer is to travel. Think about it: with even just that first sip of your favorite Trappist ale, you are temporarily transporting yourself to a very specific region of Belgium where a very specific assortment of local ingredients have been converted into a unique refreshment by brewers who have inherited a very specific…

mike springer flying saucer tour

Mike Springer’s Flying Saucer Tour

Flying Saucer would be nothing without our Beerknurds. That’s why we’re always more than happy to share the accomplishments of our loyal craft beer lovers, especially when those accomplishments involve hitting up all 16 Saucer locations. Recently, Houston resident Mike Springer made an epic 31-day journey through what he called his “Eastern Loop.” Mike spent…

Belgian Beer styles

Beer muscles from Brussels and beyond: A guide to Belgian beer styles

In general, there are five Belgian beer styles: the mouth-puckering tart lambic, the pungent and acerbic oud bruin and Flanders red ales, the smooth and yeasty abbey ales, refreshing farmhouse ales and the beer style that almost went extinct the Belgian witbier. Here’s what you need to know about each one before you take a sip. What are…

favorite hop

Brewer survey: What’s your favorite hop?

Let’s face it: asking a brewer to pick a favorite hop is like asking Kim Kardashian to pick a favorite selfie. It’s an impossible choice. Just ask Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione. As the face of continually hopped beers, he jokes that relying on one hop forever and always would be uncomfortable: “Kind of like trying…

Saison Avery Perzik

Spotlight on Saison

As anyone who’s drained more than one tulip glass of the concoction can tell you, no two saisons are alike. Some open with a peppery bite, some broaden into an herbal finish, some smack of a cider-like sourness, while others are just downright funky. How, then, can we even begin to talk about saison as…

Game of Thrones Ommegang

Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones Is Even Better With Beer

Over the course of the past five years, HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” has spawned a cottage industry of blog posts, podcasts, and even a separate half-hour of television (“After the Thrones”) dedicated to recapping, explaining and prognosticating events in Westeros. Viewers following the epic trajectories of the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens and Baratheons have been witness…

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