beer name

What’s in a (beer) name?

Pliny the Elder, Heady Topper, Atrial Rubicite, Black Tuesday — you may not have ever tried these beers, but most craft beer enthusiasts have probably heard their names. A beer’s moniker can be quirky like one of these examples or it can be simple such as Arthur or 512 IPA. So, what goes into naming…

Marc Castaldo

Beerknews Q & A: Marc Castaldo

In our new series, Beerknews Q&A, we want to help you Beerknurds get to know the beer experts at the helm of your local Flying Saucer. These folks can educate you about craft beer and find that next brew you’ll fall in love with. Today, we’re getting to know Marc “MAC” Castaldo, Flying Saucer Beer…

10 great beers to drink this winter

10 great beers to help you stay warm this winter

Winter brings to mind thoughts of kicking back on the sofa in our sweats while a pot of chili cooks on the stove, a fire roars in the fireplace and on TV our football team braves the treacherous elements for a win. Or, maybe you prefer everyone gathering at your local Saucer to keep warm…


Try a six-pack for your six-pack

Did you make a resolution to get in shape in 2016? Could a six-pack get you that six-pack? Perhaps, according to a study analyzing the relationship between alcohol consumption and physical activity. To wit, “The results of this study strongly suggest that alcohol consumption and exercise are positively associated and that this correlation persists even at…

how many breweries are there in the United States?

How many breweries are there in the United States?

2015 was an amazing year of growth for beer. It’s no longer news to discuss the ridiculous rate at which the American beer industry continues to grow, driven by the craft beer explosion. But just how fast is beer—craft beer in particular—growing? Maui Brewing Co.’s Garret Marrero gave the stat that there’s a new brewery opening…

beer can shortage

No can do. Are we facing a beer can shortage?

Remember the scene in the movie The Jerk where Navin Johnson, played by genius Steve Martin, screams that “he hates these cans!” as a disgruntled man taking rifle shots at Navin misses and hits a wall of oil cans? Well, turns out that craft beer drinkers and craft beer makers have anything but hate for cans. In…

Christmas beer gift

Christmas Beer Gifts – What Beerknurds REALLY want for Christmas

Family and friends. Gotta love ’em—especially at Christmastime. However, after you open your third package of cartoon character socks from your aunts and grandmother, you wonder if they even know you at all. Fear not, Beerknurds. The holidays eventually end and then, you get the opportunity to return all the electronic tie racks, desk organizers…

Breckenridge Brewery sold to AB-InBev

Breckenridge Brewery sold to AB-InBev

Huge news out of Colorado today, as Anheuser-Busch acquires Breckenridge Brewery, the third craft brewery AB-InBev has swallowed up in the past five days. In a move to bolster its High End brand roster (its line of craft and import beers), AB-InBev continues its push to ride the growing popularity of craft beer in America…

winter beer festival

Your guide to winter beer festivals

Don’t be stuck inside all winter. It’s time to get out, grab some high-ABV brews and enjoy all that beer has to offer with hundreds of your best beer-loving friends. We’ve rounded up a handful of some of the best winter beer festivals from coast to coast to help make your year a little more…

The Force Awakens Flying Saucer Houston Sugar Land

The Force Awakens at Flying Saucer

The Force is strong in Houston and Sugar Land in preparation for the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The highly-anticipated movie hits theaters nationwide on December 18, and to welcome its arrival, Flying Saucer Houston and Sugar Land have some awesome events planned. First off, Beerknurds can whet their appetites for the epic…

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