Micahel Jackson beer Captain Keith

What I Learned from Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter

As we began this craft beer journey, our best resource was Michael Jackson’s New World Guide to Beer and Beer Companion. The Beer Companion was the book I referenced the most. It was the beer Bible as far as I was concerned. It gave me a good foundation from which to grow my beer knowledge. In the mid-’90s, we didn’t…

Belgium's best beer spots

Belgium in brews: Belgium’s best beer spots

Belgium is a country full of wonderfully nice people with laid-back attitudes — except when it comes to beer. Belgians love their beer. Each and every town has its own brewery, and the country is rife with restaurants and cafés bursting with Belgian beer. Beers we might see as limited and special in the U.S….

Netflix Daredevil beers that kick ass

Beers that kick ass like Daredevil

You’ve probably heard of the 2003 movie Daredevil, which featured Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock and the eponymous hero. But have you been keeping up with the Daredevil original Netflix series? The show is now in year two — the entire second season is available on Netflix — so there’s no better time to grab some beers…

dogfish head record store day beer and music

Dogfish Head’s toast to Record Store Day

Though they’re most famous for their aggressively hopped IPAs and innovative brews, Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery has been pairing beer and beats since before Randalls and wasabi beer were on anyone’s radar. “Great music, like great beer, makes us feel closer to the gods and closer to our friends and loved ones,” says Founder Sam Calagione. “They…

#nationalbeerday Beerknews Flying Saucer

#NationalBeerDay: what do you love about beer?

It’s #NationalBeerDay and as THE place to go celebrate, we want to know: What do you love about beer? What are you drinking now? What are your favorite breweries? What’s your most memorable beer experience? Share with your fellow Beerknurds. Come on, spill it. Beer has the power to bring us together. We celebrate and commemorate with beer….

flying saucer cuba

Flying Saucer to Open Newest Location in Cuba

In March, President Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge in 1928. Rumors were flying about whether the longstanding embargo between the two countries was being lifted, and Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro fielded questions on the topic from eager journalists. Little did the team at Flying Saucer realize…

craft beer market 2015

How amazing was craft beer’s 2015?

12% isn’t just the ABV of Saint Arnold’s latest Bishop’s Barrel creation—a Belgian Quad aged in bourbon barrels. It’s also the piece of the beer industry pie craft breweries took in 2015. Well, 12.2% to be exact. The Brewers Association released their 2015 data this week and to no one’s surprise craft beer continues to…

eating spent grain

Shut up and eat your beer (waste)

In 2015, the Brewers Association reported national craft beer production in the United States to be in excess of 24.5 million barrels. A barrel of beer, which contains 31 gallons, carries a grain bill of between 75 and 125 pounds of malt. The sugar extraction and conversion to alcohol — in other words, cooking and…

craft beer St. Patrick's Day

Make it a craft beer St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that unites us all under the power of beer. Even people who don’t drink beer any other day of the year drink beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Luckily, you don’t have to drink light, flavorless yellow stuff that’s been loaded with green food coloring. Trust Flying Saucer to be…

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